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Casinos new gambling app will let users play anywhere for real money, but they can only cash out on site

is working with Playport Gaming Systems to put out the new app that allows players to buy games and then wager and win real money this fall. It focuses on games like Bingo and others where players don’t compete against the house. Muckleshoot is far from the first casino to offer an online gambling app. But what stands out is that the beginning and end of the player’s journey — purchasing the games and collecting winnings — must occur within the boundaries of the casino. Playport today offers its services at retail locations in Mexico, and with the Muckleshoot alliance it is beginning to bring the product to U.S. tribal casinos. Playport offers custom designs for casinos, and the company says the games will integrate right into their POS and loyalty systems. The announcement of the new app comes as several gaming companies are dealing with lawsuits in Washington state courts related to their casino-style games. Though none of these companies offer real-money wagers, the lawsuits argue that they are violating Washington state gambling laws, which are some of the strictest in the nation.

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